Digital Geography

7. September 2013

“Top 100 Geospatial Influencers”: a critical map view

A short time of my day I am watching twitter like others are zapping the TV. A short time ago, there was this list out of nowhere: “the 100 most influencial geospatial people” which was published by OPENGEO. Is it a cultural thing, is the GIS business more developed in the US? So many questions when looking on the map that I’ve made wit the data provided by OPENGEO:

SO what about all the people given so much input to QGIS, the spanish guys and so on? I mean the influences are not only coming from selling GIS, right? How can this list be enriched to fit some more “measurements” than only throwing names. I think it’s not good to put a list with such a heavy title without providing good arguments, right?
Nevertheless, it is an interesting apporach to build up somethng like a “who is who” in geo-business!

What do you mean? Comments are highly appreciated