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7. September 2013

“Top 100 Geospatial Influencers”: a critical map view

A short time of my day I am watching twitter like others are zapping the TV. A short time ago, there was this list out of nowhere: “the 100 most influencial geospatial people” which was published by OPENGEO. Is it a cultural thing, is the GIS business more developed in the US? So many questions when looking on the map that I’ve made wit the data provided by OPENGEO:

SO what about all the people given so much input to QGIS, the spanish guys and so on? I mean the influences are not only coming from selling GIS, right? How can this list be enriched to fit some more “measurements” than only throwing names. I think it’s not good to put a list with such a heavy title without providing good arguments, right?
Nevertheless, it is an interesting apporach to build up somethng like a “who is who” in geo-business!

What do you mean? Comments are highly appreciated

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  • Adamu El-Oji


    Thats right.Lets see or mention their contributions to GIS World especially their impact on the developing countries eg USDA(APHIS) and others who have been providing virtually free services in GIS.

  • From the map and the title [Geospatial Influencers] I would guess that the choice of Influencers was probably based not on sell-buy spots, nor on some project place, but on Research Centers, the continual concept development. But if not then the title in my opinion is not suitable.

  • Teresa

    I am fairly certain I shouldn’t be on this list, as I am fairly uninfluential in the geospatial world – except on Twitter. I don’t blog much, don’t write any interesting software. However, I have over 2500 followers, simply by having been on Twitter for years now.
    This is a map of the most followed geospatial people on Twitter. This doesn’t mean that it is a good geographical reference for where GIS is done, quite the contrary. This shows you where Twitter has gained the most users – which is not Europe. Twitter is very popular in North America while Facebook is much more used here in Europe. And I say this as a transplanted North American who was used to meeting people through Twitter.

    • Hi Teresa,

      thank you very much for your clear comment. But nevertheless the “headline” chosen by opengeo is not very specific. We should talk about 100 geo-twitterians or something else… sticking with “geospatial influencers” is wrong, I think. And I just used their list to create this map 😉