Digital Geography

ArcGIS server vs. Open Source GIS solutions

originally posted from our friends @mappinggis Which program is better suited to serve geographic data on the web? ArcGIS Server form ESRI or open source ? This question is common in mailing lists and GIS-forums. The most consistent answer is that depends on the project. But in this post we will see some numbers to determine which is the best software to develop an application for web mapping:

MapServer needs your help

Folks, have you ever questioned yourself how to show a shapefile or your own geotiff on a webmap as a WMS or WFS? MapServer is one thing to do this. Another on is Geoserver which seems to be used more often. MapServer, according to the WIKI entry will have it’s 20th birthday this year. So it’s time for us to support them to get ready for 20 more years.