Digital Geography

What’s new in ArcGIS 10.2

One hot topic on this year User Conference from ESRI in San Diego was the upcomming release of 10.2: Tweets über “#arcgis #esriuc” Until now the ESRI ArcGIS software solution was full of analytical possibilities and has its strength in nearly every aspect of geo-sensitive data storage, analysis and publication. New aspects in ArcGIS 10.2 may to be described in three words: real-time, social & interoperability. realtime You can now create applications with ArcGIS which show your data and data from different real-time providers like Twitter, in-car GPS devices or flickr in apps and in real-time. So you’ll have great…

Youtube trends map: play Big Brother in the US

As I have seen today on engadget Youtube presents now a new Trend Map where you can see what viewers in the US like to see on Youtube. At the moment it seems to be the True Blood Trailer for Season 6. But the more interesting part is the analysis of metadata of the viewers: you can select different sexes, age groups and cities. Furthermore you can easily see, that older people tend to have a more diversified watching habbit.