Digital Geography

The Coup in Turkey: the Twitter Perspective

The coup/attempt in Turkey kept me up from going to sleep after the two nice hours of “Back to the Future” on German television. So despite of the tragedy behind it: twitter was exploding as I watched the news coming in. I was interested in the timeline of tweets, locations and “everything”. I downloaded about 10Gb of twitter data and here is my analysis for everything ‘#turkey’ from Friday till Monday.

The Geography of Tweets: Reading Tweets with QGIS

Anita showed some nice examples of tweets in QGIS in 2012. Since then it seemed to be quiet about the twitter-content in QGIS. Yet tweets can be an interesting source of information. Sometimes they can tell you something about the spatiotemporal dimensions regarding a keyword, the digital heartbeat of a defined region and many more. Yet we need to be careful with the data as it is completely biased. But how to get this data stream into QGIS?

short announcement: huge categorized list of geodata

Thanks to @seandebasti who enjoyed this year’s “Society of Cartographers Annual Conference” at Staffordshire University who send us a short link on Twitter. The link provides a huge list of 319 freely usable geodata catalogues. Robin who created this list put it on the table via linkedin first and was highly “liked” for this. He covers several topics: Elevation Weather and Climate Natural Disasters Land Cover/ Land Cover Ecology and many more … If you’re interested in his activities you may also want to check Robin’s blog. He blogs about GIS, Cartography and also tutorials with a wide view. You…

“Top 100 Geospatial Influencers”: a critical map view

A short time of my day I am watching twitter like others are zapping the TV. A short time ago, there was this list out of nowhere: “the 100 most influencial geospatial people” which was published by OPENGEO. Is it a cultural thing, is the GIS business more developed in the US? So many questions when looking on the map that I’ve made wit the data provided by OPENGEO: SO what about all the people given so much input to QGIS, the spanish guys and so on? I mean the influences are not only coming from selling GIS, right? How…