Digital Geography

Awesome map style

Are you back from holiday? Maybe you switched from Casale Monferrato, Piedmont and have used the map of Monferrato Landscapes. If you were lucky, you see a new update, I’ve made ten days ago, otherwise I invite you to go to review … but before I tell you how it was created.

The new

First of all: thank you for your visit. If you come frequently here, you may have noticed it already maybe. We have switched to a new server with a fresh design. The main reason for doing so? Let’s be honest we have found a great PHP developer, and it’s boring to see our blog on a 27″ screen and scrolling down the long way. So let us introduce you the new functions: multi language support At the moment we have articles in English, German and French. The new Digital Geography detects your browser language and directs you to either theā€¦