Digital Geography

Skybox Acquired by Google

So I have been hearing rumors for a few weeks now that Google is trying to close a deal to buy Skybox Imaging (TechCrunch, May 23, 2014) and from the Skybox blog it seems that this day has finally come (Skybox Imaging + Google). If you are not familiar with Skybox Imaging, they builds and launches cost efficient satellite that captures sub-meter 1080p HD resolution video (at 30 frames per second) for up to 90 seconds (link here for more information).  Beside being a really cool use of imaging satellites (video here), this is a very strong acquisition by Google for a…

Earth in near real time: new Earth monitoring approaches

Since the start of Google Earth in 2001 (it was re-released in 2005 after Google acquired it from Keyhole, Inc ) remote sensing images made their way into every day life. But if you are looking at the images they show on Google Earth or Google Maps: You will see historic data and it strongly depends on companies like Digital Globe, BlackBridge (a.k.a. RapidEye) or Astrium and the contracts with Google whether you will see new or old data.