Digital Geography

QGIS 2.8: A Preview

QGIS 2.6 landed recently on this planet and it already brought great improvements to our daily work with geodata, the way we publish our results and the convenience in our workflows. But due to the very ambitious release plan of the QGIS core team and the great work of Klas we can have a look at the upcoming features in QGIS 2.8 major version already. Check em out:

Python for Geospatial Data Analysis (Part IV)

GDAL Geotransforms and World Files The last post in this series considered how to write a geospatially aware file, in that case a Geotiff. In the example the projection and geotransform were read from a file and written into another file with no modification. That worked for the simple example, but isn’t necessarily the most common use case for that type of subroutine. Often you may want to adjust the data based on your analysis. Most geospatial professionals are probably familiar with world files, or have at least run across them. They are a good way to georeference data that…