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Happy B-Day QGIS2leaf

When I started to work on QGIS2leaf about one year ago it was a nice idea and my first real dive into Python programming and using the possibilities of pyqgis. So what is the current state and where are we going? Please, come and take a look: Happy Birthday QGIS2leaf!

Top 5 QGIS Plugins

I have been using QGIS 2.2 for most of my GIS work for about 3 months now, so I have noticed that I keep on using some plugins over and over and I really wouldn’t be able live without them. So here is a list of my favorite top 5 QGIS plugins! Top 5 QGIS Plugins 1. OpenLayers plugin It was love at first use for the OpenLayers plugin.  It allows the user to load basemap from a different provides like Google, Bing, Yahoo, OSM (OpenStreetMap), Apple (I have NO idea what someone would want it) and Stamen. Now I…