Digital Geography

How to start with “VANE language” API – MODIS example

If you are reading this post – you might know something about satellite imagery. This is a valuable source to power quite a lot of analytics and monitoring applications. In this post I’d like to give you an idea of how all this Big Data stuff can be obtained and processed online, using the single API called #VANE language. What is VANE? The VANE geospatial platform, that’s coming out of the Beta now, is a new project we started at Openweathermap, relying on our expertise in providing well-designed APIs for weather data which is widely used by devs community. The…

OpenWeatherMap – global weather and forecast data for free (with API)

It’s snowing here in Berlin. And I already thought, that we wouldn’t have any white color out there before Christmas Eve. In order to check the weather forecast for the next days, I found A really nice tool to get current weather data and some more informations based on more than 40.000 weather stations around the globe. Best of all, provides APIs for several weather-data excerpts for free.