Digital Geography

Anaconda: a interesting Python distribution

When working with GIS and statistical data there is an emerging need to know some scripting language. Python is one of the most widely used. It is not perfect but it is like a geographer: fairly good at nearly everything: “For scientific purposes, when writing a small specialized script, Python may often be the second best choice: for linear algebra, Matlab may have nicer syntax; for statistics, R is probably nicer; for heavy regular expression usage, Perl (ugh) might still be nicer; if you want speed, Fortran or C(++) may be a better choice. To design a webpage; perhaps you…

the best laptop for earth scientists. a personal review.

Once in 2008 I was searching for a reliable and powerful notebook for my work at the University and for my field-campaigns in Central Mongolia. So my thaughts on that were: get a high-end CPU small screensize for weight and long lasting battery power easy to open and enhance WWAN Module for Internet access everywhere robustness for field work Looking at this list the one and only laptop for my purpose was the IBM Lenovo Thinkpad X200: