Digital Geography

Overview: R Cheat Sheets

Recently we had a discussion about where to find a nice cheat sheet (No! We are not talking about Simon the Sorcerer walk-throughs). Especially for scripting languages cheat sheets are an excellent way to support your learning attempts and are a handy tool for your every work in data visualisation, automation of tasks and analysis steps. So let’s have a look on R cheat sheets.

create point density raster in QGIS

In some applications you want to calculate the density of points. It sounds very easy and in fact it is using QGIS. Let me show you how to create a point density raster. Especially, let me show you how to do this with the heatmap plugin in QGIS. Prerequisities You will need the common installation of QGIS 2.0.1 Dufour and an installed heatmap plugin (see how to install a plugin here). We will use some field data from Indonesia with 500.000 data points. You may download the data (12MB) we will use here. The doing Fire up QGIS and set…