Digital Geography

short announcement: The Mercator Puzzle

A lot of articles here at Digital Geography deal with maps and projections. You may have wondered how wrong the different map projections are or let’s say, what they lead us to think how big some areas on earth might be. Well, I can not tell you exactly, but the Mercator Puzzle gives you an idea on the errors that we need to deal with. Plus, it’s fun. Drag the outlines and fit them to countries: The Mercator Puzzle by Google. (To be honest, I expected myself to perform better…)

short announce: the new google maps – a comparison

The new google maps is now in sort of a Beta and availbale on invitation. Let me share some of the new features with you: As you can see, you will have much more space available to see pictures on the map. What I like most is the very reduced implementation of search results as they are shwon in the lower part of the map and you will not have thes ugly markers scattered all over the map anymore: But let’s go a little further and have a look on the routing engine: In the new google maps engine you…

short announcement: Earth Engine by Google

On the 9th of May Google introduced an astonishing new technology that makes the good old flickr function in Erdas Imagine quite useless. With the Earth Engine from Google Earth you will be able to see the world change since 1984. They have compiled about 900 terabyte of Landsat Data. So they stitched, balanced the contrast, analysed and ordered about 2’000’000 images of the world to provide a comprehensive look into Earth’ history: Erdenet (Mongolia): coal mining lake Ugii Nuur (Mongolia): drying and dying Jänschwalde (Germany): coal mining Las Vegas (USA): urban sprawl Additionally you are able to browse the…