Digital Geography

Geotagging Basics with ExifTool

  Why Geotagging? In a recent post, I discussed the new drone that I got for the holidays and a bit about how I was using it for developing map products.  I do this using structure from motion algorithms and when working with a lot of images it is a great help if there is a good initial estimate of the image location.  This is where geotagging comes in. If you have a smartphone, then you are familiar with geotagging.  Most iPhone and Android devices tag their images when they are collected.  That is great if you are uploading to Facebook or Pinterest,…

CLAVIN – open source context-based geotagging

“Big data is coming!” Everyday you can read this in current blogs and magazines. Geotagging is one of the special-interest issues of digital-geography and so I want to combine this two fields and introduce you to CLAVIN, the context-based geotagging service of Berico Technologies. The name of this open source project is a summarize of the main functionality “Cartographic Location And Vicinity Indexer” of documents.