Digital Geography

GIS4Geomorphology – Blog recommendation

Since I’m working mostly with GIS and Geodata for Physical Geography (Soils, Geomorphology, Climate) I came across a very precise and recommendable Blog by Skye Cooley which I would like to present in the following lines: GIS4Geomorpholgy is a blog specified on different GIS purposes of geomorphologists. The topics of the blog covers Terrain Analysis, Soil Erosion Calculations, Hydrology Modelling and a lot basic entries about the use of Geoinformationsystems.

short announcement – Digital Landscapes session @EGU2014, Vienna

At the EGU2014 in Vienna (27 April – 2 Mai, 2014) a session on Digital Landscapes (GM2.1) will be convened by J.K. Hillier, P. Tarolli and S. Conway. The session “aims to bring together ‘users’ analysing digital landscapes to exhibit the best quantitative methods and computational techniques, cross-fertilize best practice, and illustrate what can be achieved and what challenges remain.” ( The conveners especially invite Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to participate. This session is also a PICO session – Presenting Interactive COntent. So if you go to EGU, consider submitting an abstract there (until 16 January!) and don’t forget to…

Digital Geomorphology

Maps are still the main technique to show geomorphological surfaces on different spatial scales. Step by step new technologies try to improve this approach. In this german article I wrote about a sandbox, which is monitored by a microsoft kinect camera. After some computation a beamer draws different heightlevels on the sand.