Digital Geography

short announcement: The Mercator Puzzle

A lot of articles here at Digital Geography deal with maps and projections. You may have wondered how wrong the different map projections are or let’s say, what they lead us to think how big some areas on earth might be. Well, I can not tell you exactly, but the Mercator Puzzle gives you an idea on the errors that we need to deal with. Plus, it’s fun. Drag the outlines and fit them to countries: The Mercator Puzzle by Google. (To be honest, I expected myself to perform better…)

short announcement: learn to create maps online

This week a new 5 weeks course will start at coursera. Coursera is an online learning platform that enables people from all around the world to learn and to develop skills. This week we will see the first cartography related course to start: Maps and the Geospatial Revolution by Dr. Anthony C. Robinson First Session will start with a short historical view on maps and technologies together with some basic questions: how do we navigate, what is geography and the simple statement: “The Earth is Round and Maps are Flat” Session two will cover the concept of a scale, dimensional…