Digital Geography

short announcement: The Mercator Puzzle

A lot of articles here at Digital Geography deal with maps and projections. You may have wondered how wrong the different map projections are or let’s say, what they lead us to think how big some areas on earth might be. Well, I can not tell you exactly, but the Mercator Puzzle gives you an idea on the errors that we need to deal with. Plus, it’s fun. Drag the outlines and fit them to countries: The Mercator Puzzle by Google. (To be honest, I expected myself to perform better…)

Favorite QGIS Plugins – RasterCalc

RasterCalc QGIS Plug-in QGIS is an open-source geographic information system that is familiar to many geospatial professionals. I find more and more that I’m able to use QGIS for most of my GIS needs and this is in large part due to the great plug-ins that are available. In this post I want to give an overview of one of my favorite plug-ins, RasterCalc. If you have QGIS installed on your system, you can download RasterCalc from the official plug-in repository, here. After downloading, you can install it in the appropriate location for your system. In my case that is:…