Digital Geography

short announce: Reverb @NASA the new WIST

Sorry to talk about this important tool with a little delay. As I was lecturing at the university I was using the Warehouse Inventory Search Tool (WIST) by NASA to collect my raster data and download them. It was a great tool but looked a little old. The biggest difference to services like or the SRTM Tile Grabber is, that most data was ordered and delivered by FTP. It was not a big deal as most data was available for free but I think for a lot of users this was not “convenient” enough… Nevertheless Reverb- the new WIST-…

Springerlink Downloader for Springer Books

Springer and the sword of VPN Many universities own licenses to get access to the content of scientific oriented publishers. Using a VPN-tunnel every enrolled student every student has the possibility to explore this content online. Sometimes you’ll find whole books online you would like to save locally maybe. This donwload isn’t that easy as each book is separated into chapters which needs to be downloaded seperately and merged by zusing some exterior program like pdfsam. It is not unlikely to own a whole bunch of pdfs without any order.

FastGAPP – Fast Geochemical Analysis Plotting Program

Geochemical studies of igneous rocks are fundamental to classify rock types in terms of main-, minor-, trace element whole-rock chemistry. Together with petrographic observations from thin sections it is possible to classify igneous rocks and to draw interpretations about: The petrogenesis and evolution of igneous rocks. The thermal and barometric conditions in which a primary magma have formed. The magmatic processes that might be involved in the evolution of igneous rocks. The geotectonic environment in which igneous rocks might have formed. Specific programs for the evaluation of geochemical data of igneous rocks are rare and often very difficult to use.…