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Overview: R Cheat Sheets

Recently we had a discussion about where to find a nice cheat sheet (No! We are not talking about Simon the Sorcerer walk-throughs). Especially for scripting languages cheat sheets are an excellent way to support your learning attempts and are a handy tool for your every work in data visualisation, automation of tasks and analysis steps. So let’s have a look on R cheat sheets.

short announcement: new R learning material

Coursera, hail to Coursera. Despite the uprising criticism on MOOCs and their footprint in the educational landscape at universities Coursera created an interesting R learning course. It is divided and scheduled for 4 weeks and has video-tutorials as well as written material. The guys over at RevolutionAnalytics packed it all together: Content: Setting working directory and getting help How to get help Data Types Subsetting Vectorized Operations Reading/Writing Data Control Structures in R Writing Functions Avoiding loops using xapply Plotting Regular expressions Regular expressions in R Classes and methods in R It is a free course and is very userfriendly. The…