Digital Geography

Create Maps Online: A comparison of 6 webmap providers

Working with a desktop GIS might be a good choice for geodata-experts, GIS-people in general and everyone who is inside the fields of geosciences. If you don’t want to struggle with a desktop mapping software or you “just want to create a map” for your publication, business data, website or professional service the following online mapping solutions might be the one-stop-shop for your needs.

Short Announcement: Webinar “Get started with CartoDB” on 20/11/2014 1PM EDT

We announced some surprises of CartoDB last week, especially that the map views are not anymore limited as well another post last month, that CartoDB opens some restrictions for usage in classrooms and universities as well. This could be very straight forward and promising for students as well for professors. If you every wanted to try working with CartoDB which is going to be more userfriendly through the new announcement, here comes your chance for a first introduction.     Tomorrow, Thursday 20/11/2014 at 1PM EDT (time zone converter), The webinar was recorded and can be found here. CartoDB will give…

Maptime Berlin: what was/what will be

In the middle of September the first Maptime Berlin took place. I was totally amazed to see so many people sitting there, being interested in mapping, opensource, cartography and software. At least 40 people from different places of the world with different background (sociology, coding, styling, etc.) met at the Supermarkt Berlin (an open place to work together) to share their knowledge and learn new stuff. Here just a few photos: What was done at MaptimeBER After a short introduction from everyone Alsino presented what is Maptime all about: bringing people together, share the joy of creating and consuming maps…

odyssey.js: your easy story mapping engine

Reading my tweets can be somehow interesting: It seems like ESRI invented and exclusively owns the phrase “story map”: #storymap Tweets What IS a story map? To me a story map is the same like a map: a way of information distribution. According to ESRI: “Story maps use geography as a means of organizing and presenting information. They tell the story of a place, event, issue, trend, or pattern in a geographic context. They combine interactive maps with other rich content—text, photos, video, and audio—within user experiences that are basic and intuitive” (citation). Let’s sum up the characteristics: tell  a…

short announcement: learn to map with cartoDB

Dear folks, most of you probably know how to map things using software on your pc. Some of you might also know cartoDB. We like their service as our job-page here on is based on their tables, API and GeoJSON export functionalities. Additionally it’s for free (with some limitations)… The guys from CartoDB now offer an online learning event which will give newbies the chance to map their data in a very interesting online mapping engine.

cartoDB and Leaflet: creating the table or part one

We have already introduced cartoDB which is a platform for storing, administering and visualizing spatial data. One straight feature of cartoDB is the usage of GeoJSON for exporting their tables. In this tutorial I’ll document a working example on consuming this layer with leaflet. But first we will start with the easy part of creating the table in cartoDB.