Digital Geography

ArcGIS 10.3

Yesterday the new major release of worldwide leading GIS solution ArcGIS was released: 10.3. Most users upgraded already to the version 10.x and enjoyed Python support as well as other enhancements. So what is to expect from this new version? 64 bit support, Twitter integration, free support? Let’s have a look!

short announcement: QGIS 64bit

So I’ve checked our twitter time line this morning and came across this nice little line: @willoxh tweeted that there is a new version of qgis which enables to work with qgis in 64bit mode. For the record: Enabling a programm to work as 64bit version means you increase the possible amount of information in each calculation step as you can adress more memory per calculation step. Additionally you can hold more information in your program. Best example is probably the amount of satellite data you have in your project. Running QGIS in 32bit mode means the program can only…