Digital Geography

8. March 2017

Short Announcement: QGIS 3.0 is on its way

QGIS 3.0 is the next big release in terms of features and tools. As it is stated in this e-mail chain we could expect this new major release in late 2017 and time is passing fast:
retire 2.14 in June 2017 2.18 becomes LTR from June 2017 to 2018 3.0 feature freeze in July 2017 release 3.0 in Sept 2017 release 3.2 as next LTR in release 3.0 + 4 Months (eta June 2018)
Yet this timeline is not strict and [was?] under discussion. We might expect a new candidate loaded with some cool and uncool features. Despite the new logo which was choosen two months ago we can see more features for this new beauty. New QGIS 3.0 logo candidate At the very moment we can see more then 250 features for this new release. About 30% are already finished:
  • preview for WMTS layers
  • Mouse wheel over sliders in color dialog to change value by increments
  • new algorithms for clipping, geometry and feature boundary box and point on surface.
The best feature in my eyes is the multiple projects at once feature. Also the change to QT5/PyQT5 and Python 3 are noteworthy. Here you can find other features that are delivered in QGIS 3.0:
  • Symbol clipping- Buffer around labels/symbols to “remove” drawing from the underlying layers.
  • a new cluster renderer as you know it form leaflet markercluster
  • Curved labeling on a simplified/smooth version of the geometry
  • labels can be masked with a polygon

    Label mask done by Hugo Mercier (source

  • new cool label connectors
  • topological coloring
  • dynamic styling of symbols and labels based on visibility state of layers through newly-introduced is_layer_visible() function
  • modeler export to PDF/SVG
  • raster color ramp shader auto-classification upon canvas extent change
  • Ctrl+TAB to toggle visibility of opened panels.
  • some more crazy rendering applications:
  • maybe some parallelization
  • GeoPackage editing support
What do you know about the next QGIS version? drop us a comment!