Digital Geography

15. January 2014

short announcement: new R learning material

Coursera, hail to Coursera. Despite the uprising criticism on MOOCs and their footprint in the educational landscape at universities Coursera created an interesting R learning course. It is divided and scheduled for 4 weeks and has video-tutorials as well as written material. The guys over at RevolutionAnalytics packed it all together:


  • Setting working directory and getting help
  • How to get help
  • Data Types
  • Subsetting
  • Vectorized Operations
  • Reading/Writing Data
  • Control Structures in R
  • Writing Functions
  • Avoiding loops using xapply
  • Plotting
  • Regular expressions
  • Regular expressions in R
  • Classes and methods in R

It is a free course and is very userfriendly. The lecturer is Roger D. Peng from the John Hopkins University. Unfortunately he is a biostatistician so the examples might not be geo-orientated but biostatisticians have probably the best knowledge when it comes to using R and statistics.

Here are the videos:

The blog is now listed on technorati WEQRDY68WCXQ .