Digital Geography

12. May 2017

Short Announcement: New OSM routing plugin for QGIS OSM Tools

Two years ago I wrote the OSMroute plugin which enable the QGIS user to use the OpenRouteService API for geocoding of points, accessibility analysis as well as routing from A to B. Unfortunately the managing of a plugin/ open source tool is time-consuming/ hard. But fortunately Nils Rode lifted the plugin to a new level: OSM tools.

OSM Tools Plugin

The plugin can be installed as a normal plugin via the plugin manager:

OSM tools plugin in QGIS plugin manager

The usage is quite easy and enable you to geocode/reverse geocode addresses, find routes, create an isochrone map. Yet as the API from is an open one there are some limitations on the API:
  • 500 free requests per day in total
  • 40 requests per minute

OSM tools interface

You could be easily affected by these restrictions as the API allows some batch jobs. The batch mode enables you row-by-row or row-by-any routing.

different types of batch modes.

The result is really good: a clean feature table with all the needed information of the routes:

OSM Tools Batch mode result

Nils did a great job on this one and I encourage everyone to use this with your own API key, look for issues with it (and report them!) and help this plugin to grow!