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2. February 2013

QGIS Plugin – Profile Tool

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So, this will be a pretty quick post on one of my most used QGIS plugins, the Profile tool. The Profile tool can be downloaded from the central QGIS plugin repository HERE. In a nutshell, the Profile tool allows you to draw a line in your QGIS project area and get the profiles of various layers in your project, as seen here:

The most obvious use of this tool is looking at terrain profiles, and it certainly is very useful for this. However, in the example above, I am using it to give me DN profiles for band 1 from two multispectral images. The profile view can either be embedded in the QGIS main window, or separated as its own window depending on your preference.

The data generated from the tool can be output as an image file or output to a spreadsheet program.

The Profile tool is easy to use and hopefully you will find new uses for in your projects. As always thanks for reading