Digital Geography

19. December 2014

QGIS 2.8: A Preview

QGIS 2.6 landed recently on this planet and it already brought great improvements to our daily work with geodata, the way we publish our results and the convenience in our workflows. But due to the very ambitious release plan of the QGIS core team and the great work of Klas we can have a look at the upcoming features in QGIS 2.8 major version already. Check em out:

Trash is Trash

This seems a bit like a minor change but the old symbol to remove entries from your attribute table was not really convenient and might have led to several “lost data problems” in former times. QGIS would like to minify misconception of this. It£s clear now how to throw away your information:

trash symbol QGIS

Postgis can perform even better

Former use of PostGIS in QGIS was based somehow on the shp2pgsql command. With QGIS 2.8 the Suisse army knife of geotools ogr2ogr will take it’s place and provide better performance when it comes to feeding your postgis database with features. Here is the result of a test from Faunalia GIS :

Adding “-D” for shp2pgsql or “–config PG_USE_COPY YES” for ogr2ogr means a huge improvement is speed: ogr2ogr takes 0.8 seconds to process the small dataset [10mb] and 2.21 minutes the process the big dataset [1.3GB]. Shp2pgsql/psql take respectively 24 seconds and 1.56 minutes.
postgis  QGIS

Heavy Rotation

You can rotate the whole map now in the main project window. That’s it:

rotate map qgis

Embedded Heat Map Style

The creation of heatmaps was always a part of an analysis and reuired the creation of raster files which were plotted over your points. In QGIS 2.8 you will have the point representation as a heat map as one of the style options. So no fancy calculation in the background needed. But be carefull as the visiual conception of such a heat map is always intense and might imply conclusions you don’t wanted with your map. But still it’s an elegant way to indicate places of high informatioon concentration…:

heat map QGIS