Digital Geography

13. February 2013

Opticks – My first step with the OpenSource ERDAS pendant

David vs. Goliath? Since years I work with QGis, now I will test the OpenSource ERDAS pendant Opticks for remote sensing issues with raster data. It would be very nice, if I could ban all evil proprietary GIS-software from my dektop for ever.

The specs of Opticks sounds very good – lot of data types are supported, Opticks can handle big data load (>16 GB per image) etc. After that I had to install the glorious piece of software to my Linux-OS (it’s also available for Windows and Solaris as well).

Let’s get a first impression of Opticks

You can download Opticks here. After the installing process you start with the homescreen of Opticks. Uhh.. somehow “windows-like” isn’t it?

Anyhow, my next articles will show how to import and analyse raster data in Opticks. Stay tuned.

Here you get to Optick’s page: