Digital Geography

6. December 2013

OpenWeatherMap – global weather and forecast data for free (with API)

It’s snowing here in Berlin. And I already thought, that we wouldn’t have any white color out there before Christmas Eve. In order to check the weather forecast for the next days, I found A really nice tool to get current weather data and some more informations based on more than 40.000 weather stations around the globe. Best of all, provides APIs for several weather-data excerpts for free.

First, you can check your current weather state of your location (see pic. 1) and get also infos about wind, cloudiness, pressure, humidity, rain sunrise and sunset.


In the map section you get an great overview on a thematic map. Based on OSM (what else?), you see a nice weather map, precipitation and pressure isolines are displayed. Of course, you can simply navigate with your mouse and zoom with mousewheel (see pic. 2).


What possibilities has the API of OpenWeatherMap?

  • current weather data
  • 5 and 14- days forecast
  • Searching
  • Weather maps


  • city name
  • geographic coordinats
  • city ID

in JSON or XML. “lang” parameters allow multilingual usage.


Besides the official datasets it is possible to deliver your own weather data to OpenWeatherMap. After a short login process, you can connect your weather station and be a part of the active OpenWeatherMap community.

Here you get to OpenWeatherMap: