Digital Geography

30. May 2014

The new version of qgis2leaf

The last post about our famous qgis2leaf plugin showed a glimpse of what it is capable of: exporting all your features from a QGIS project to a working leaflet based webmap. Sounds great, huh? Well it is!

The new version

In the first version we just explored the workflow:

  • export the features to geojson with python and QGIS API
  • create files with python
  • GUI design
  • special character handling
  • and stuff …

In the newest version we offer much more possibilities for your data:

  • export polylines, polygons and points
  • dozens of basemaps available
  • define the icon to use for points
  • define the popup content for all shapes
  • preservation of styles as far as possible: colors, transparency (points, lines, polygons), width (lines, points)
  • definition of the extent

At the moment the plugin can handle categorized, graduated and single symbol styles.

See it here with a line example:

The line feature in QGIS wth graduated symbols

The exported map shows nearly same setup:

exported webmap with custom symbols

The same works for all the other feature styles.

Custom icons and popups

If you want to have custom icons and popups you need to tweak your layer a little. For custom icons you need to add an attribute called icon_exp. The provided link or absolute path to folder will define the image. PNG or SVG files will work fine:

custom icon definition in the attribute table for qgis2leaf

And BAAM that is a fancy map:

custom icons in your leaflet webmap with qgis2leaf

Defining the popup content works similar. You just need to add the attribute html_exp and the value of this field will define the popup content:

popup content definition in qgis2leaf for your webmap

Instead of an ugly table holding all your data the popup can show some girly stuff or other information:

custom popup content in your leaflet webmap

You can download the newest stable version 0.9 via the manage plugin dialog in QGIS. Ujaval Gandhi provides another great tutorial on this plugin on his site. If you see any issues please report them here or contact us.