Digital Geography

5. October 2013

Installation of QGIS 2.0 Dufour on Windows

The installation of QGIS 2.0 is fairly easy on Ubuntu but much easier using Windows as an operating system. The installer is very handy and is provided by the OSGEO4W project (Open Source Geospatial Foundation for Windows).

Download the installer and open the executable file. Now you can choose between three different installations. As we are using QGIS as a desktop GIS we will go with the express installer:

QGIS installation: first screen with desktop installation

Next we are asked which software we would like to install. To stick with the simple QGIS installation and a working one as well, we will choose to install QGIS, GRASS and GDAL as the last two ones provide very good functionalities in QGIS and therefore increase usability of this excellent open source GIS:

second screen: QGIS, GRASS and GDAL

The download process and the installation took some time on my virtual machine but it is running without any failures:

installation progress from QGIS

At the end of the process you just need to restart and you can enjoy your totally free open source state of the art GIS:

installed QGIS running on Windows