Digital Geography

8. March 2013

Innovative SRTM Download

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted here, but I just found something I wanted to pass along. If you work with geospatial data, you are probably familiar with the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) that collected elevation data over much of Earth. These data are available from a number of interfaces on the Web, but this is one of the nicest, and most innovative, ones I’ve found.

SRTM Tile Grabber

Just find the spot on Earth you are interested in and you can download the SRTM data for that area as a geotiff. I think this is probably based on a new(ish) technology called WebGL, but need to investigate a bit more. Hope it is useful for the DEM users in our audience.

Thanks for reading.

  • Jiří Fejfar

    it has 100m resolution, on is 30m…

  • alexamici

    Now you can download and clip a portion of the SRTM 30m DEM with one command with the elevation Python command line tool:

    Install it with:

    $ pip install elevation

    Check if you have all the dependencies installed (mainly GDAL tools):

    $ eio selfcheck

    Download and clip a portion of the SRTM 30m DEM giving bounding box as WGS84 coordinates:

    $ eio clip -o Rome-DEM.tif –bounds 12.35 41.8 12.65 42