Digital Geography

5. August 2014

GIS4Geomorphology – Blog recommendation

Since I’m working mostly with GIS and Geodata for Physical Geography (Soils, Geomorphology, Climate) I came across a very precise and recommendable Blog by Skye Cooley which I would like to present in the following lines:

GIS4Geomorpholgy is a blog specified on different GIS purposes of geomorphologists. The topics of the blog covers Terrain Analysis, Soil Erosion Calculations, Hydrology Modelling and a lot basic entries about the use of Geoinformationsystems.

The blog topics are mainly based on ESRI ArcGIS. What I really like at the posts of Skye Cooley is the detailled view on different aspects of GIS and Geomorphology and the proof of equations etc. by using literature.

I’ll give you a short overview about the topics (called lessons in the blog):

  • Terrain modelling
  • Hydrology modelling
  • Erosion Modelling
  • Soils
  • Specific topics about Terrace Extraction, Habitat Questions, Landforms
  • Basic topics about Tips and fixes in ArcGIS, R, Phyton, Css Notes, Coordinate Systems, GPS-Data
  • etc.

I came accross the blog because I was searching for a way to calculate terrain roughness using DEMs. I got quite impressed when I realized that the blog doesn’t give just one answer on my question. Instead GIS4Geomorpholgy tries to clarify the differences in the definition of “terrain roughness” and gives 12 different ways to calculate the desired one. The ways are comprehensible, structured and supported by literature. This is regular sturcture of the lessons made on the blog. Always starting with a definition and than presenting solutions using tools and equations, sum up by literature.


If you’re working on physical-geographical data, it’s worth taking a look on GIS4Geomorphology.