Digital Geography

8. May 2012

geocoding adresses

One thing I have never kept in mind is the divergence on how shops and agencies store their adresses (more or less like John Doe, 123, Main Street, Anytown, U.S.A ) and the way we store our point-informations (103°E, 45°N). So one problem is,to bring these both things together.
YOu cannot do this straightforward because you need some kind of reference like a georeferenced and digitized or u use such thing like the googlemaps-API.
ArcGIS is also capable of translating this information into points. Just watch the following tutorial and I’ll show you how:

  • jay

    „Dieses Video ist leider privat“ – Gibt es eine Alternative zu diesem Video? Ohne das Video ist dieser Beitrag leider nicht sehr hilfreich. Danke.

    • ricckli

      due to some legal rights claimed by ESRI I needed to set them at least on private.
      send an email with a short statement to and I will send you an private invitation. Sorry for the inconvenience.