Digital Geography

13. August 2013

Create your own worldmap:

10_2_Robinson 04_Merkator

The “Viewpoints” project explores the aesthetic question whether there is a parameter-based method for generating unconventional maps of the world that do justice to the thematic context in which they appear. For this purpose a  project-specific software is developed. So far, map production by means of projection has been governed by certain rules that determine the geographical area depicted at the centre of the map. With conventional world maps, the horizontal centre is usually made up by the equator.

The project software enables the generation and design of wholly new and unconventional varieties of world maps in simple and structured ways.

Unconventional world maps – varying perspectives, alternative angles – shifts in point of view – viewpoints.


key-words: Graphic design, mathematical cartography, world maps, generative graphics, critical cartography
financing: Berne, University of Applied Sciences (BFH)
supervisor: Julia Mia Stirnemann


  • Lets avoid confusion. What’s the sense distorting our beautiful world map that everybody seems to be at peace with? May be we need to the value it will add to the convectional map.Thanks

    • Sometimes the interpretations referring to the “common” world map are not intended by the map creator. best example is the overevaluation of the area of greenland in normal mercator projection which is actually nearly the same size like saudi arabia…

    • Dear Adamu El-Oji

      Thanks for your reply. Our beautiful common worldmap has the same distortion as all the worldmaps created by the worldmapgenerator. The mathematical derivation is still the same, the used algorithm comes from the chosen projection. Does this help to think about the meaning of the unconventional worldmaps created by the worldmapgenerator?

      All the best,
      Julia Mia

  • Mickey

    Want to create Map of New World – Circa 2020 A.D. Information from Ancient Mayan Civilisation ( via Hopi Indians) states that the State of Arizona will be moved 1,240 miles northwards of its’ present location.
    This constitutes a position where the weather will change across this whole world. Extremely dangerous situation for entirety of Canada.
    In fact, the whole episode will be an extremely dangerous time for all countries. As the world is revolving on its’ East/West Axis, your country may well be passing underneath the Equator, Tropics or Poles. Is there someone who would like to produce such a map for me? Save me a bloody lot of trouble. Ta.

    • We can do this but this will be heavy in terms of time and money 😉

      • Mickey

        I guess it would take some time but the costs would soon be redeemed through world sales of such maps. What do you think it would cost in terms of time and money?

        • time: 2days at least for graphics in GIS and rendering. costs approx at least 2000€.