Digital Geography

15. October 2013

Convert shapefiles to geoJSON via web interface

I just found a nice web interface for converting Shapefiles to geoJSON, the preferred format of vector geodata on the web. And yes, you can also convert back from geoJSON to ESRI Shapefile.

Check it out:

geoJSON is plain text format that stores geometries and attributes in a standardized and human readable way (read the docs: It is often used in web applications and Javascript map viewers like OpenLayers and Leaflet.The software behind the website is the famous gdal/ogr library. It is the swiss knife of geodata management on all platforms such as Windows, Mac OS an Linux/Unix.
So if you need to do any geodata conversions or preprocessing, you should have a look at it. You’ll find plenty of tutorial on the web.

And by the way, the OGRE Interface is open source and you can build your own web converter if have some time left and you don’t know anything better to do.