Digital Geography

7. December 2014

Christmas 2014: gifts for map lovers

It’s only 3 weeks left till Christmas and as we are all map lovers/ GIS enthusiasts/ geoscientist geeks we maybe want to get or give some special gifts. So here are some suggestions for you… But first we need to state, that we don’t have any affiliation with the links/portals we show here.

Map Gifts

Maps are not only good for orientation or geekery. You can also do lots of great other objects/things ot of them or make them prettier by them: If you’re interested in some unique glasses for your 24 years old single malt:
OSM glasses

Glasses with OSM maps signature

And don’t forget to add the famous whisky rocks for desired cooling:
whisky stones

whisky stones

A portal called redbubble provides some great stuff: thematics T-shirts, laptop stickers, posters and all fan-geekery you need to be the uber-gis-geek in your social sphere: You need some bigger maps in your flat? What about a carpet made from OpenStreetMap? You can get some for your kids but also some really beautiful carpets for yourself made by a guy called Florian Pucher. He converts aerial images into structured carpets:
map carpet

carpets made from maps and aerial images

Map makings is always a special art . So there are some companies thriving this to an expert level. On one hand there is axismap. The main product is a map of a city of your choice where streets are made from letters and the design is completely determined by typography:
map letters

custom maps from letters

Also a nice cartographic work is sold by by James Cheshire. He sells a poster with population distribution:
population density poster

world population density print

If you are more interested in some old-style gift, Bellerby is probably still the first address to look for a great, but also expensive gift: A hand-made globe. The globes are made in a studio in London and start at a price of 870£:
bellerby andmade globes

Bellerby and Co globes

Talking about classics: You can also combine wood and maps like woodcutmaps do:
wood maps

maps made of wood

If you are more the uber nerd in cases of maps and zombies…Let me introduce you to the zombie-safe-zone map shop from designdifferent. You can also create custom maps for your own city:
map zombie

zombie safe zone maps

If you are interested in not only watching a map but also into a practical map you might want to order a cork board world map:

cork board map

If you need some bigger maps for your wall: has some damn wide prints on their webpage:
poster map

wide poster

Or what about some clothes with a map print for you. Monochome prints your dsired location in a special design on skirts, tank tops and shirts starting at 45€:
map clothes

street style skirts