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MatLab, SAS, STATA, SPSS, Excel users: Try R, damn it!

Due to my work with a multitude of statistical packages in my career I may be able to evaluate a lot of them. I’ve first used Excel for my calculations as most of the normal users do. I like the idea behind a spreadsheet and the combination of data and click-to-do functions. Nevertheless I’ve often managed to gain control again over my spreadsheets as they’ve evolved to some unintelligible things on my hard drive. The ruler of this evolution was spreadsheet “data_results_0.9.1a_final_b_ws.xls”…

reproducible documents/analytics in R: the knitr package

When I am working in new institutions and I am asking: “Do you have a document management system?” I often get the answer:”Yap, we are using folders” … OKAY. Making analysis, developing applications and keeping an eye on code, data and applications make this even harder as it has to be. Of course not many institutions are using R and Latex but there is a nice little package called knitr which tries to make this a little bit easier. It combines your analysis and documentation in one single document aka PDF.

setting your working directory permanently in R

Most of us R users are using a special working directory for the daily work in R. But I was bothered in typing everytime in my command line prior using R. Also using this line at the first position in scripts was not pleasent enough. So how to get around this? There is a special file in R for adjusting your startup-parameters. It is called “”. In a linux environment you may type: In a Windows OS you just need to search for the file mentioned above and open it up in an editor of your choice. You will be…

installing qgis on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Unfortunately the qgis package is not available through the Ubuntu Software Center. Yet it is of course possible to install it. Just open the terminal and add the repository of Ubuntugis to your sources for programs and install QGIS: This will install a “unstable” version of QGIS called Wroclaw: I think if this version gets the status “stable” it will be available again using the normal way of installation using the Ubuntu Software Center. Thanks for this goes to: and Daniel Kerkow

useR! 2012 Conference

“Spatial data is, quite literally, everwhere” (Barry Rowlingson) this is so true! And because of that you guys will have the chance to take part in a great tutroial on using R for managing geospatial data, transforming, making maps and working with OGC standards. So visit this years useR! conference at Vanderbilt University; Nashville, Tennessee, USA. This year the event will kick off with first tutorial on 12th of June! useR! conference auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen