Digital Geography

uMap – easy open source webmap creation based on OSM, Leaflet and Django

Creating maps is the most appropriate way to present spatial data. In the last years several methods appeared to generate such webmaps. Based on a tile-layer, wich contains all basic map informations such cities, motorways, natural elements etc, even inexperienced computer users can drop their informations with ease. Nevertheless there are some methods and services, wich are easier than others, even if they have less options in map configuration. uMap can be classified as such a smart and easy way to get your spatial informations on a reasonable webmap, which can easily embeded to your personal homepage and so on.…

OpenWeatherMap – global weather and forecast data for free (with API)

It’s snowing here in Berlin. And I already thought, that we wouldn’t have any white color out there before Christmas Eve. In order to check the weather forecast for the next days, I found A really nice tool to get current weather data and some more informations based on more than 40.000 weather stations around the globe. Best of all, provides APIs for several weather-data excerpts for free.

georeferencing images in QGIS using OSM data: how to distort the City

You probably already referenced maps with written coordinates but using photos or images is a little different as you need some characteristic points so you can control the position of the image according to the real world. In this little tutorial I’ll show you how to do a so-called image to image refernciation using Open Streetmap data and QGIS 2.0.1 Dufour.