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GISgirls – where are the women? 4 theses

Typically GIS and geodata nerds are male. Anyhow, 99.9 % of our contacts, freelancer sign ups, comment writers here on the blog are boys. But where are the GIS girls and women? There must be thousands of well educated, very interested hackathon-proven GIS ladies out there. In order to getting in touch with that obviously shy species, I formulated 4 theses about GISgirls. Hopefully many active GIS and geodata girls (and women) will read that and comment in the bottom section. I would be very happy to get your feedback!

Pros and Cons of using Smartphone as a GPS Tool

In a statistical report entitled US Smartphone Use in 2015, it revealed that some 88 percent of American smartphone owners use their handset as a map or navigation device. There are various ways on how you can utilize your handset as a GPS device, either through its built-in map features or via other downloadable applications. If you are one of those planning to maximize their smartphone as a GPS locator, here are the pros and cons of using your handset as a digital geographical tool.

Am I the only one?

There’s a lot of great stuff going on in the GIS community, both in proprietary software and Open Source as well as online services like MapBox, Mapillary, CartoDB to mention just a few. For proprietary software a growing trend is that the licensing of the software is moving to the “cloud” and that one time payments are replaced by subscriptions or “tokens”. And why not, everybody and everything is online and most companies are guided by strict economic guidelines making regular monthly payments preferable to one-time investments, even if it in the end will cost you more. However…