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Free Global Soil Grids at 1km resolution

Web interface to download the data

I would like to introduce you the newly global coverage of soils grid at 1km ground resolution (online since August 29th 2014). The dataset is funded and provided by ISRIC. What attributes does the data contain? All of you who are working on soils know the difficulty to find datasets with reasonable soil attributes like soil type and different soil properties. Even 1km ground resolution isn’t the best choice for many studies and calculations the data can be used for different purposes like erosion modelling, organic contenct calculations, textur comparison and many more for big areas like europe and so on.…

HeidiSQL vs. pgAdmin III – a small speed-test


HeidiSQL, a free database-client, now supports PostgreSQL/PostGIS in the newest nightly builds. Using HeidiSQL with MySQL was always a pleasure and I often had the feeling that the pgAdmin III client of PostgreSQL is slow and not very user-friendly in some points. Because of this I had to test the difference of performance of these two clients. I don’t want to talk about features and handling because this is on the one hand a matter of taste and on the other hand the support of PostgreSQL is very new in HeidiSQL. Instead, I want to compare some simple SQL-queries in…

WhereCamp Berlin 2014

wherecamp berlin logo

Over the last three years WhereCamp Berlin became the biggest event of it’s kind in the world. Around 200 people joined the 2013 session and enjoyed the barcamp styled sessions. For this year the organizing team came up with some refreshing innovations. The whole event will last 3 entire days, 13th (Thu.) till the 15th (Sat.) of November. The first event highlight is the opening key-note by Steve Coast, the founder of OpenStreetMap (OSM). The rest of Thursday is dedicated to a conference track with the headline “Navigation and Local Intelligence”. The set of speakers will be announced soon on the official…

DataSF or how to do open data right

Landing Page DataSFIn 2010 the City and County of San Francisco’s official open data portal was launched. To me it is the ultimate experience for publishing/consuming open data: based on a WordPress system the city distributes data for several categories: Economy and Community City Management and Ethics Transportation Public Safety Health and Social Services Geographic Locations and Boundaries Energy and Environment Housing and Buildings City Infrastructure Culture and Recreation There are 820 datasets available at the moment. Depending on the source of the dataset you will either be able to download the data directly or to display it as table: You can…

Maptime Berlin: what was/what will be

what's all about or notIn the middle of September the first Maptime Berlin took place. I was totally amazed to see so many people sitting there, being interested in mapping, opensource, cartography and software. At least 40 people from different places of the world with different background (sociology, coding, styling, etc.) met at the Supermarkt Berlin (an open place to work together) to share their knowledge and learn new stuff. Here just a few photos: What was done at MaptimeBER After a short introduction from everyone Alsino presented what is Maptime all about: bringing people together, share the joy of creating and consuming maps… library

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Survey: Stratigraphic Data Workflows

Dear Readers! At the moment I am working on my master thesis with the focus on stratigraphic data workflows. I have the impression that there is a lot of potential for improvement in the whole process. Therefore I want to rethink the process of stratigraphic data handling from data collection to analysis and visualization. To get an overview of existing approaches, solutions and problems,  I want to conduct this small survey. I would be glad if you participate and share. Direct link to the survey  

Overview: Newest developments from ESRI

Web App Builder ESRIAt this years 11th geoforum of central Germany ESRI showed some new developments in their ArcGIS online portfolio. Those were published 23rd of September. Let me please introduce you to some of these features. If you came across the website of ESRI you might have mentioned that current ArcGIS offline or desktop applications are beyond the functional possibilities of the new ArcGIS online framework. One of these was the new multi-directional shadow algorithm which came on stage on the ArcGIS online platform and is now a downloadable function. Of course they will be available with the upcoming ArcGIS pro but…

DEM comparison: SRTM 3 vs. ASTER GDEM v2

ASTER vs SRTMLet’s get ready to rumble! No, just kidding. We are all excited about the recent message from the white house: SRTM “1” (1 equals 1 arcsecond, whereas 3 was indicating the 3 arcsecond a.k.a. 90m DEM) or the official title SRTM-2 will be available for free in the next months (orig. here, dg here). So why is it so important? Most DEM-interested people will answer: “Use the ASTER DEM if you need 30m!”. But let us have a closer look on both systems and how they perform.

Announcement: Realease of worldwide high-resultion SRTM-data (30m)

SRTM Shuttle

The White House announced on September 23th during the United Nations Heads of State Climate Summit in New York that they are going to release the high-resolution images of SRTM globally. Until now, the high-resolution imagery were only available for US-areas. All other countries had lower resolution imagery. Due to this release the 30m x 30m imagery will be available globally and substitute the 90m x 90m data. After its release the data will be accessible on EarthExplorer by the US Geological Service (USGS). Unfortunately they didn’t announce an exact release date (only “will be released globally over the next year”). That…

QGIS 2.6 Feature Freeze

Screenshot from 2014-09-20 12:13:31

Are you curious about QGIS 2.6? Well on Friday (9-26) QGIS development goes into feature freeze and focus will shift towards fixing bugs and enhancing stability. What can we expect from the upcoming release. Read on to find some interesting news.

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