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Summary of the “Geodesign” MOOC PennState University


Antoher 5-week MOOC came to it’s end and therefore I like to write a short summary about it. I attended the MOOC “Geodesign: Change your World” created by PeenState University at the MOOC platform Before the course started I expected some new inputs about methodologies and practical working on geodesign questions but overall the course was more an introduction into the topic about Geodesign and the development of Geodesign work. It was more a theoretical lecture supported by case studies but with less practical work for the students. In my opinion the course is very interesting for (human) Geographers,…

Interactive Space Image Map of ISS-Pictures


The Sojus TMA-13M started on May 28th 2014 from Baikonur to bring the German Alex Gerst, the Russian Maxim Surajew and the American Reid Wiseman to the ISS (International Space Station). Besides the task of the crew to make some experiments etc. on ISS, they show the public how vulnerable and beautiful our blue planet is. There are different ways they try to do it: Regular public calls and interviews to the crew members bring the earth population in contact with the members. If you’re following one of those members on Twitter or Facebook I’m sure you’re impressed by the pictures… library

The information tools (data base and GIS) to help paleontologists in their scientific researches


In modern scientific researches of biological direction the geographic information systems (GIS) are increasingly used. For example, GIS technology is successfully applied in the study of patterns of spatial and temporal distribution of biological objects with taking into account the unique features of the environment. Typically, a GIS is used for the analysis of current events and / or the future forecast, but they are also useful for the study of the fossils, living conditions in the distant past, changes in biodiversity and for determining historical patterns of biosphere evolution. Convenience of GIS for integrated paleontological studies is due to…

digital’s digest – 36/2014: download tiles, big maps from tiles, osm city plan, fictional maps and tiled pictures

Export example from

digital’s digest – what’s this? Every week I visit a lot of webpages related to geographic, mapping and other “”-stuff. I’m afraid I cannot write full-size articles about these findings. This new post series, which is called “digtial’s digest” gives you a weekly overview about new exciting links and latest found pieces. Every week I would like to discuss the presented topics in the comment section and of course get also your “hottest” geo-related links and stuff. Let’s rock!

QGIS 2.6 – Sneak Peak


The release of QGIS 2.6 is planned for October 24, but you don’t have to wait to test new functions in development. In this post I’ll look closer on two new features that in my mind will make GIS life easier, even if some improvements should be made with the first of the new features described here.

short announcement: ESRI MOOC – the outline

chalkboardAs we already informed here about the new ESRI MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) we also stated, that it is a pitty that there is no schedule available. Due to this there might be a mismatch between people’s expectations and the content of the MOOC. We also got the information that this MOOC is not for the GIS beginners.

Forest fire tracking with Landsat-8


On July 31st a forest fire broke out in the Swedish county of Västmanland. The fire was quite large by Swedish standards covering an area described as 10 x 15 kilometres. There is, to date, one confirmed death. The fire required a intensive response by the emergency services. It is located close to villages and towns and could not be allowed to spread out of control. Firefighters from the Stockholm region were deployed to assist local firefighters, the army reserve was deployed and 10 helicopters were allocated to assist fire fighting. Planes from France and Spain arrived to assist local…

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