Unfortunately we are German based and the travel cost will probably be higher than my monthly pocket money but maybe one of you would like to attend the FOSS4G conference from the 8th to 13th of September in beautiful Portland (Oregon). FOSS4G is the annual event of Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

author: Riccardo - - posted on 16. April 2014

When it comes to data we are more or less lost nowadays. We can acquire more and more data for a current area and find answers on our questions. The Principal Component Analysis (PCA) can help you to enhance your understanding your data and to reveal underlying information that influences your data fundamentally. Since some days there is a special plugin for QGIS available that enables you to determine principal […]

author: Riccardo - - posted on 10. April 2014

OSM (OpenStreetMap) Ländergrenzen aus dem Gesamtdatensatz zu extrahieren ist für einige Vorhaben zu aufwendig. Für ein Projekt habe ich genau diese Grenzen für Deutschland gesucht und ein tolles Webprojekt von “Misterboo” gefunden, was alle administrativen Grenzen über ein Gemeindeverzeichnis von kommunaler bis nationaler Ebene als Geojson-Format (lesbar in z.B.  Qgis) ausgibt.

author: Jakob - - posted on 2. April 2014

Every year we face this strange behavior of people to do some pranks on first of April. So Google pranks on this particular day of the year are not new to us. In fact, last year the treasure map, the year before the well done 8bit map. So what is this years idea?

author: Riccardo - - posted on 1. April 2014
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The Australian government now provides a bunch of commercial and free geodata on their Australia Geoscience-Portal. Like the well known U.S. data provider Earth-Explorer, you can do a product search, browse the full collection of data and application or find new released datasets. Besides this common features of data portals, the site offers a great collection of processed maps, datasets and really nice interactive models for geoscientific issues of Australia via […]

author: Jakob - - posted on 28. March 2014
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Vom 19.-21. März findet in Berlin die FOSSGIS Konferenz an der Beuth Hochschule für Technik statt. Die FOSSGIS ist die größte deutschsprachige Konferenz rund um Freie und Open Source Software im GIS Bereich. Ich werde für euch live berichten und in diesem Post Updates, News und Infos zu aktuellen Projekten, Entwicklungen und Talks geben. Wer sich für bestimmte Themen interessiert, kann gerne in den Kommentaren Bescheid sagen und ich werde […]

author: Daniel - - posted on 19. March 2014
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When it comes to certain tasks the usage of leaflet can be tricky. Of course it claims not to be the ultimate webmapping solution but one of the sleekest ones. But when it comes to csv files and reading data from them I always found it hard to implement given solutions listed in the plugins section of leaflet.

author: Riccardo - - posted on 12. March 2014
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